I entered my first ham radio contest today (RSGB Hope FT4), considering I only have 20 and 40 meters, and only 5 watts, and a washing line in place of an antenna I'm quite pleased I even managed 6 contacts, at one point I thought I had stalled at three.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic... but 5Watts into a literal washing line making it 1,600+ miles did impress me.

Just worked R5DT in European Russia (Gridsquare ) on 40m using .

Given that I gave up running after 12 miles yesterday, now seems as good a time as any to ask people to sponsor me to run 26.2 miles ...


Yesterday I ran my fastest half-marathon in over three years, also my second half-marathon in over three years.

Today I entered my 2nd race of the year, so unless the fates have other plans, on Saturday I'll be racing 4.37 times further than I did back in January.

Today I calculated that is I run just under 10K every day for the rest of the year my kilometrage for the year would be 2020!

Fortunately I work in miles not kilometers so I'm not tempted to attempt such a stunt - although an average of 4.083 miles each day would see me reach 2020 kiloyards in 2020.

Walsall Council seem to have a fetish for converting footways into cycleways, there is now no safe walking route between Brownhills and Pelsall.

Today I found two more defibs hiding in blue circles on osm.mathmos.net/defib/progress and added them to

Seriously though it is only worth about 1% of this years mark so no resting on my laurels yet.

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I've just had my 1st result back, in my first assignment I got 80% - so no pressure for next time.

Quite a productive day, I beat two of my niblings at basketball, I ran three miles, I even found time to do some school work.

I've yet to come within even 20 seconds of that time, and can't see the PB ever falling.

I'm too much older, fatter and generally slower now

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It wasn't until I got to the end that I realised that something was up, my watch seemed to be saying I was over 30
seconds quicker than usual - the SMS said it was closer to 40 seconds with a time of 21'44!

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I thought my start was slower than usual, but when I reached the bandstand on the first lap I noticed I was passing people who I would normally only see in the distance - I assumed they were just having an off day, but resolved to keep in front of them.

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I recall there were quite a few people missing from the start line that morning as there were a couple of big local races taking place.

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My parkrace PB turned three years old today...

I'm waiting for a meeting for a local charity event; I'm also waiting for the meeting to be over so I can "sudo apt remove zoom"

Over the weekend I have added about 50 new benches around my village to or should that be ?

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