Lets try this again now that i fixed the public rooms on my XMPP server...i'll leave the original post intact.

Alright so since no one came forward to do it i'm gonna do as i said.

(Talking about this https://youdabomb.social/notice/A12U2fgcBp5DvB6W9o

I have created a room on my XMPP server ( bookclub@chatrooms.youdabomb.social?join ) that anyone is free to join. If you need an XMPP account i can help you out there as well.

So the plan is to pick a book and read it over the month of December. Then around the end of December we hop in the room and discuss just like a real book club. I like the idea of using text chat because then time zones don't matter as much since everyone can pop in and say what they want at anytime. I realize December can be a busy month so this first run might be a little more flexible we shall see. Also depending on everyone's reading speed. No one will be rushed.

What i was thinking was taking the next couple weeks or so to pick a book. As i said in my last post it's a high requirement that the book be DRM free. I've been looking around here


and there are quite a few good places to pick up some DRM free books. Some directly from the author so even better.

Just as some ideas/starting points i was looking at this site


seems to have quite a few books that might be interesting.

Then this book store also has a large selection of DRM free books


Some of them are just like university text books and such but there are some interesting looking book series even. Like this one


Anyways feel free to join and we can try and agree on a book. I did not want to just pick a book flat out i wanted to give anyone who was going to join the chance to help decide. If that proves to not work then i'll probably just pick one.

I do hope people join in. I will place the name of the room in an unlisted comment on this post since Pleroma likes to break the xmpp URI(At least for me. Maybe it's husky we shall see).

I'm also creating a group @fediversebookclub if anyone wants to follow that i'll tag it in all updates.


I've not been in a book club for about 15 years but I like the sound of this

@mark awesome. The more the merrier.

My first time doing something like this. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to discuss the book afterwards but I'm sure that will come
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