Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic... but 5Watts into a literal washing line making it 1,600+ miles did impress me.

Yesterday I ran my fastest half-marathon in over three years, also my second half-marathon in over three years.

Walsall Council seem to have a fetish for converting footways into cycleways, there is now no safe walking route between Brownhills and Pelsall.

With three days left to go August 2020 is my 3rd month ever, the question is, should I try to set a new record?

I saw five deer on my morning run, sadly I've not yet mastered taking decent cell phone photos whilst running at 6mph.

I'm riding on a bus for the first time since the Ides of March.

So far I've shared the bus with about ten other passengers, all but one of whom seemed to know that a mask should cover your nose as well as your mouth.

Garmin says I have the maturity of someone five years my senior😂

I knew I could not improve on yesterday's 5k time, so today I went for distance - just about a sub-hour 10k.

I just ran my fastest 5k since my injury.

Recording a (not)parkrun time of 25'50, that is only one second slower than my fastest real parkrun of 2020.

I'm in a pub, for the first time since the Ides of March. OK not quite inside, but nice to enjoy a pint of real ale and a chat with a friend.

This diagram shows all the New Year doubles I was able to complete, back when that were a thing.

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One of my Birthday presents was this Saw Doctors that is only seven or eight years younger than me.

Stranger with the Melodies, Copper, and We Were Three are some of my favourite Harry Chapin tracks.
They were also proving quite difficult to find on the MP3 stores I use, so I found this on ebay instead.

My new car came with a tape player, so I had to find some worth listening to.

I think 'All the Way from Tuam' is the most recent album I've purchased, it was £9 on amazon with back in March 2014.

It will be a long while before I can wear it in anger, due to my bad ankle, but my new Covid19 "Avoid Everyone" vest arrived today.


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