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One of my colleague is developing a parental control system using a attack.

I suggested he brand it as "mam-in-the-middle"

The nights are getting longer, and the days shorter.

Soon Christmas will be here, to bring an end to this tumultuous year.

A few years back I had a series of posts on my blog entitled reasons I fear I'm becoming an .

The posts have long since been lost to time, to the either, and also to the wayback machine.

It seems to me that here could be the perfect venue for reviving that series?

I jogged a mile today, without my foot falling off.

It is the first I've done since getting injured about four weeks ago.

For my effort I won a new badge.

One of my Birthday presents was this Saw Doctors that is only seven or eight years younger than me.

Stranger with the Melodies, Copper, and We Were Three are some of my favourite Harry Chapin tracks.
They were also proving quite difficult to find on the MP3 stores I use, so I found this on ebay instead.

* I'm keen to see what becomes of the with the internal , that might make a fun toy one day.

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The is lacking a so I would find it unusable - best I keep to my Thinkpad X201.

The is far far too large to fit in my pocket - best I keep to my classic iphone SE.

The is cool enough, but I already have a tablet that I hardly ever use, so don't think I need another one*.

the also looks good, but between my and my wrist is rarely naked enough to need another watch.

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Much as I would like to support @PINE64 I don't really have much use for any of their range at the moment.

My new car came with a tape player, so I had to find some worth listening to.

I think 'All the Way from Tuam' is the most recent album I've purchased, it was £9 on amazon with back in March 2014.

This month I is mostly 'intermittently deactivating facebook', when googling the term I'm lead to an ancient reddit post that explains that such behaviour can only be the result of narcissism.

On my way home I gave a try.

My phone took about 900 photos. Uploading the photos lasted the best part of six hours, so I'm not sure I have the patience to do it often.

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Today I drove to work today for the first time since about January 2018.

It coincides with me having a fully functional car for the first time since my Subaru died.

Fortunately I could still remember the way.

It will be a long while before I can wear it in anger, due to my bad ankle, but my new Covid19 "Avoid Everyone" vest arrived today.


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