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I ran 16 miles tonight, mostly along gently undulating canal towpaths

I've just ran my fastest 13.1 since June 2018, and I'm quite pleased about it.

When the rain finally came, it was warm and thick.

The heavens continue their epic display.

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There is no rain, and I've not heard much thunder, but this lightning display is worthy of 2020.

Apparently tonight will be the best for watching this year's meteor shower.

That would explain the sudden appearance of clouds in the sky.

I've just had a nice relaxing facebook friend cull. I should really do it more often.

Hopefully I'll be marathon fit again by April 18th next year.

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I probably could have completed it, but running is too important to my mental heath at the moment to risk further injury.

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I've finally got around to cancelling my place at this year's Boston (UK) marathon.

25 mile round trip, on 6 bus, to visit an empty friend's flat - just to make sure they had switched a burner off before they went on holiday

One thing I have learnt this week is that I sem run quicker while listening to the Saw Doctors than I do while listening to Alestorm.

I'm riding on a bus for the first time since the Ides of March.

So far I've shared the bus with about ten other passengers, all but one of whom seemed to know that a mask should cover your nose as well as your mouth.

I woke up at 0230 and could not get back to sleep, by 0530 I gave up and went out for a run instead.

I covered almost 9 miles in 90 minutes, in my longest post-injury run. I might try to make it 10 miles in 100 minutes next week.

While out running I saw four herons, a herd of deer, and one cyclist.

My ex and I were going to remain friends, but that was too painful for her new partner, so ghosting it is?

Garmin says I have the maturity of someone five years my senior😂

I knew I could not improve on yesterday's 5k time, so today I went for distance - just about a sub-hour 10k.

I just ran my fastest 5k since my injury.

Recording a (not)parkrun time of 25'50, that is only one second slower than my fastest real parkrun of 2020.

I will be taking modules Introduction to sport and fitness and Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century.

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I've just enrolled at the for a Certificate of Higher Education in Design and Innovation starting in October.

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