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Covering 179.7 miles August 2020 has proved to be my runniest month ever, and has put me back on track for my Mille Miglia.

Next month should be a little more relaxed, I hope.

With three days left to go August 2020 is my 3rd month ever, the question is, should I try to set a new record?

I also have to feel sorry for the Boston Marathon Association, to see all their hard work dashed at the last minute.

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I had already deferred my Boston marathon place, but I can't help but feel sorry for all my friends who were training to run it.

The Boston Safety Advisory Group pulled the event just 17 days before it was due to take place.

The news also makes me less excited to start training for the April 2021 edition less it befalls the same fate.

Royal Mail have started their Christmas recruitment, I'm not applying.
I've learned my lesson after the last three years.

I saw five deer on my morning run, sadly I've not yet mastered taking decent cell phone photos whilst running at 6mph.

I ran 16 miles tonight, mostly along gently undulating canal towpaths

I've just ran my fastest 13.1 since June 2018, and I'm quite pleased about it.

When the rain finally came, it was warm and thick.

The heavens continue their epic display.

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There is no rain, and I've not heard much thunder, but this lightning display is worthy of 2020.

Apparently tonight will be the best for watching this year's meteor shower.

That would explain the sudden appearance of clouds in the sky.

I've just had a nice relaxing facebook friend cull. I should really do it more often.

Hopefully I'll be marathon fit again by April 18th next year.

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I probably could have completed it, but running is too important to my mental heath at the moment to risk further injury.

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I've finally got around to cancelling my place at this year's Boston (UK) marathon.

25 mile round trip, on 6 bus, to visit an empty friend's flat - just to make sure they had switched a burner off before they went on holiday

One thing I have learnt this week is that I sem run quicker while listening to the Saw Doctors than I do while listening to Alestorm.

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